An Affordable PR Platform and Ultimate Collaboration Hub in One!

Our new Influencer Platform was launched to address a REAL need that Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors, Speakers and Media Personalities have to successfully build their Brand 
We actively promote our Influencers to help them attract..... 
Speaking Gigs
Media Appearances
Collaboration Partners
Potential Sponsors
Client Leads

Key decision makers need to find you and that is where our Platform comes in! We consistently promote YOU for a year via

  • Your Online Profile with your links on our website

  • A Spotlight AD that we post on multiple Social Media sites (Tagging you for accountability)

  • To our Network of Event Coordinators, TV, Radio and Summit Hosts!

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Two Payment Options

Monthly Payment

$47 + HST = $53.11

One Time Payment

$470 + HST = $531.10

Get 2 months FREE with this option!


Password: Influencer

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*Our Profiles and our Live Events are for 'Introduction' / promotional purposes only. We do not act as your personal Agent, nor negotiate dollar amounts on your behalf and do not take a commission on any deals done. Nor accept any responsibility or liability for the behavior of any parties.

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