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I am a member of Abundance Digital, a community of tech and business influencers launched by Peter Diamandis, who was named one of the "World’s 50 Greatest Leaders" by Fortune Magazine.

As an active member, I have the opportunity to refer top influencers in my community to this exclusive network. Here are the top three reasons why I love this community:

1. Its a Global community that gives:  


  • Exclusive Access to Peter Diamandis and other abundance-minded people from around the world.

  • Feedback on your boldest ideas —your Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) and your Moonshot(s) — from an experienced, supportive community.

2. Access to Courses that prepare me for the future:

  • Through Peter Diamandis’ companies, founding 18+ space and technology companies — including Singularity University and the XPRIZE Foundation - you’ll get the tools, central concepts and mindsets from Diamandis’ work and research in four different course modules as part of your onboarding experience.


3. Access to LIVE CONTENT:

  • Livestream Abundance 360 (3 Days of Nonstop Content: Jan 27-29, 2019): Peter's annual Abundance 360 Executive Summit (normally priced at $15,000) will provide you with powerful tools to transform your business by leveraging exponential technologies.

  • Exponential Webinar Series (Live Monthly): Peter invites an incredible CEO or CTO and interviews them live. Topics include AI, Robotics, Human Longevity, Crowdfunding, Stem Cells and Brain-Computer Interfaces. You’ll also have access to 100+ hours of archived webinars accessible only to Abundance Digital members, plus an additional two monthly webinars from his stellar team.

If this sounds like a platform you would enjoy, please join me.

As a member of my community you can take advantage of my referral discount code, which grants 10% off the first year of membership: [Insert your code or link].

The deadline is May 1st and with a limited number of seats. Sign up today at

I hope to welcome you to the family! 


Abundantly yours, 

Ron Brough


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