Finance Your Business Ventures with Sponsor Dollars

The other day I came across a post on Facebook about a small town DJ who needed money to buy a new computer. He was doing a series of charitable events and has a regular spot on a small local radio station so a computer is a must. He was advised to start up a ‘Go Fund Me’ account and to date has only generated about $100 of the $1000 he needs. He was actively sharing the post, asking for donations from anyone who would give it.

The post got me thinking that he is a perfect candidate to go after Corporate Sponsor Dollars – a topic I have been speaking and writing about for years - because he has community ties with his listeners and events (a live audience to promote to). From one company alone he could have easily gotten the $1000 he needed, if not ten times that.

Partnering with Corporations to help generate funds for your website, book, retreat, summit, webinars, blog, speaking or music tour just makes smart business sense and creates a win-win scenario. You get additional revenue and the Sponsors get a direct link to potential buyers.

So why aren’t more Business Owners, Bloggers, Authors, and Musicians going after lucrative Sponsor deals?

The term audience often freaks people out, in that they don’t really understand what that means or how valuable it is. Simply put, your audience is anyone who is a fan, follower, reader, listener, visitor or live attendee.

There is also the outdated belief that your audience has to be huge to attract Sponsors, and that is simply not true. In fact, we are in the year of the Micro Influencer; you do not need a massive audience to be appealing to Corporations. All you need is a direct link and communication with that audience.

The final reason many people don’t go after Sponsor dollars is because they don’t know where to begin, how to create appealing packages or what their audience is worth.

In short, they need to learn to ‘Speak Sponsor’ to secure those dollars...

That is the first step!

Ronnie Swais

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