Top Power Point Tips

Make Your Next Presentation Your Best!

1. Let Your Creativity Flow

2. Use Colours and us contrasting colours to make it more visually stimulating.

3. Use good Fonts - Times Roman is boring and Comic Sans is not taken seriously but Helvetica always looks good.

4. Slides with many paragraphs lose your audience’s attention and if they are reading they stop listening to you, so don’t use the slides as a manuscript - keep it short and simple.

5. Extra Tip - Break up your bullet points into separate slides.

6. Images catch people’s attention, so be sure to pick good ones that relate to what you are talking about it will make your message that much more effective.

7. View every slide like an advertisement, Big and Bold, that will catch your audiences attention and wow them.

8. Infographics are your best friend, that is a combo of cool graphics and text on the same slide

9. Embed multimedia - PowerPoint allows you to either link to video/audio files externally or to embed the media directly in your presentation. You should embed these files if you can.

10. Sparingly use animations and media. You should really only use them in one of two cases: To draw attention, for example to your Take Home Message or to clarify a model or emphasize and effect.

11. Always summarize your key point in a Take Home Message.

12. Know your slides inside out.

13. Never read your slides, talk freely and maintain eye contact to engage your audience.

14. Keep Your Audience In Mind. When you compile your presentation, ask yourself these questions:

- What does my audience know?

- What do I need to tell them?

- What do they expect?

- What will be interesting to them?

- What can I teach them?

- What will keep them focused?

15. Keep your voice animated and use a microphone if needed, so you can be heard.

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